Two Gifts when the singer returns — Sukumaran’s Poems in Translation

2 min readMar 3, 2020

Idol of Song

Singer sings,
Two actions occur

He dives deep and
Searches for ocean’s first wave.
It’s blooming as a bubble
In the everlasting spring
For time immeasurable
and keeps on humming

He flies high and
Searches for sky’s first star,
It’s twinkling
In the dark space
and keeps on sounding

Singer returns,
There are two gifts

Bubble he brought back waves as ocean
Star he brought back spreads as sky

In the time of gifts
Singer becomes a sea in land
Listener becomes the bubble
When singer becomes the sky
Listener becomes a star.
In a hypnotic moment
Singer becomes silent
Bubble becomes waving sea
Star becomes flowing light.

If we had a word

Our worlds
Are indeed different

Mine can become yours
Yours can become mine
If we had a word…

Are indeed different

You can become me
I can become you
If we had a word…

The word is as far as
The land is to the sea

Are they waiting for us at all?

If I hate you
I will
Tell it in a sentence
That sentence will be
And frozen cold

If I am ignoring you
I will
Tell it in two words
Those words will be
And wandering with wind

If I love you
I will
Show it in a word of silence
That word will be
And flowing from sight to sound

Safe inside this marble box are
A frozen sentence
Two restless words
An overflowing silence

Are they waiting for us at all?

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