Small Type Steel Balls by Selvasankaran

I swallowed a small type steel ball
I don’t know how I got hold of it
When it was in my hand, I wondered what if I swallow it
Wherever I hid it, I found it again
A steel ball like that,
I did not know a place to keep it where I won’t find it again
I swallowed it suddenly
When it was in my hand, my hand itched
I had to control one hand with another
Biting my hand to hold it down, I had to fight myself
I would have ended up tying both my hands to a tree
With insides already broken, I didn’t want the same for outside, so
I had a treatment and a small mistake happened
The steel ball got stuck inside
Only a surgeon could save me
I pleaded the surgeon to save me
He asked me to tell something about the steel ball
I laid down, and told him
Sir, it is a steel ball I have to swallow again.

by Rashmy

Translated from Tamil, Poem and the drawing from Kalachuvadu Feb 2021.



Writ-er, Translator, Eternally wondering what’s so special about yellow flowers, living in the wastelands between Tamil and English!

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