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Kavin Malar

Chinnu visited Anu that day. She loves Anu’s cooking. Anu made fish curry for her. It was a little too spicy. So what? Chinnu liked it. She washed two plates and sat down to eat. Chinnu made a small ball of rice and curry with her small hands…

Can you love after once questioning what it means to love? Or, as Akkamahadevi asks, What does it mean/ That God loves you and you love god? (Tr. Yaravintelimath 2003:167). In Akanaanooru Avvaiyaar sings about a woman who lost her beauty, waiting for the lover who left her and now…

Manjunath was 23. Manjunath was wearing a hooded, oversized black jacket with patterns resembling paintings of Pollock. It was raining more than a few hours everyday for six days continuously, it was drizzling that evening, he is kneeling before the image of Mary contained in a glass enclosing, situated in…

I swallowed a small type steel ball
I don’t know how I got hold of it
When it was in my hand, I wondered what if I swallow it
Wherever I hid it, I found it again
A steel ball like that,
I did not know a place to keep it where I won’t find…

by Isai

A quick translation of Poet Isai’s article in Akazh web magazine.

Love for gambling grows when you lose, like

Love for life grows when you suffer.

- Thirukkural, Gambling, 940

Whenever I think about this Kural, my heart adds more weight to the thought. …

A short story by Ki. Rajanarayanan

Gomathi Chettiar was thirty. When he was born, his parents thought they had a girl child and gave their child the feminine name Gomathi. All seven children born before him were girls. He loved wearing a saree, braiding his hair and decorating it with…

Vishnu Nagar | Karen Haydock


Two men were talking in an office verandah. One said, “Not even a leaf can move hither thither without the will of God.”

God appeared before them and said, “It looks like you two gentlemen work in this office.”

“Yes, you are right,” said one of the men.


Translation of a portion from T Dharmaraj’s book, Iyothee Thassar. Can be read online in Tamil here.

Caste, Language, and Religion are among the concepts most fiercely discussed and politicized in twentieth-century India. Social movements of the past century’s India can be identified as creating identities, moving towards power, social…

Ever thought about how much little water a little bird drinks every little sip it takes? I have not. When I recently saw a little bird break its long calls to take three little sips of water, I felt mellow.

Every day I wake up and hear the long tweeee…

Two children were sliding down the railing of a staircase and chatting. They lived in neighbouring houses. As usual, they started to argue.

“If my dad wants, he will hunt a dinosaur” said the boy. His grandma’s house in the village was decorated with ivory. Every time he visits there…


Writ-er, Translator, Eternally wondering what’s so special about yellow flowers, living in the wastelands between Tamil and English!

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